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The Board regularly publishes newsletters to be distributed to Board Members and licensed Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants in West Virginia. These newsletters serve as notice of policy changes, activities within the Board or Physical Therapy community, disciplinary actions, answering common questions, etc.... Below is a listing of these newsletters available online.

Spring 2001 Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2001 Newsletter

Spring 2002 Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2002 Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2004 Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2004 Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2005 Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2005 Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2006 Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2006 Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2007 Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2007 Newsletter

Fall/Winter 2008 Newsletter

Spring/Summer 2009 Newsletter

Fall/Winter Newsletter 2010

August 2011 Newsletter

September 2012 Newsletter

Please note that all responses the West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy (hereinafter “Board”) gives to individual questions are based solely upon WV Code § 30-20-1 et seq. and the Code of State Rules 16-1-1 et seq. These Statutory and Regulatory provisions govern the jurisdiction of the Board, and its sole purpose of regulating the practice of Physical Therapy and the protection of the public. As such, the responses do not take into account any billing issues and the regulations that govern such reimbursement. Moreover, a provider should consult with his/her legal counsel for questions pertaining to billing for Physical Therapy services.

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