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Disciplinary Date: 07/14/20
PT/PTA Name: Andrea R. Medcalf, PTA
Violated Law: W. Va. Code R. §16-1-7.7, W. Va. Code §30-20-19(g)(5), W. Va. Code §30-20-1
Violation: The Board initiated a review involving Medcalf and the disciplinary action (revocation) taken against her physical therapist assistant license by the Ohio Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Athletic Trainers Board (Ohio Board) dated November 27, 2019. Medcalf failed to report the OH disciplinary action to the Board within the required time frame which is a violation of W. Va. Code R. §16-1-7.7. Medcalf has failed to respond to the Board's request to address the revocation of her license in OH.
Penalty: After due diligence the Board was unable to locate Medcalf and hereby suspends her license prior to having a hearing. If after due diligence the Board still cannot locate Medcalf and have her respond to this matter 30 days after the effective date of this suspension, the Board may revoke Medcalf's license without holding a hearing in accordance with W. Va. Code §30-1-8(e)(2).
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