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Disciplinary Date: 02/05/20
PT/PTA Name: Tiffiney Bentley, PT
Violated Law: W. Va. Code §30-20-19(g)(3), §30-20-19(g)(4), W. Va. Code R. §16-1-7.5, W.V
Violation: On or about January 30, 2020, Ms. Bentley admitted that she pretended to be MA, a former employee and physical therapist, in an attempt to reactivate MA's license. Ms. Bentley completed a renewal application and signed MA's name. Ms. Bentley then called the Board office claiming she was MA. Ms. Bentley completed and submitted continuing education in MA's name. Based on prior discipline by the Kentucky Board of Physical Therapy for engaging in billing irregularities, Ms. Bentley may have had a fraudulent purpose for engaging in such behavior, which necessitates further investigation by the Board. Ms. Bentley admitted to having a mental impairment. The WVAGO investigator interviewed Ms. Bentley at her place of business on January 30, 2020 where she admitted to the investigator that she has a mental impairment. Ms. Bentley may have mental impairment that impedes her ability to practice competently.
Penalty: Ms. Bentley's license has been summarily suspended and this matter has been set for hearing on Wednesday, February 19, 2020, beginning at 10:00 a.m.
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