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Disciplinary Date: 12/16/19
PT/PTA Name: Gary H. Burgess, PTA
Violated Law: W. Va. Code §30-20-19 et seq., W. Va. Code R. §16-1-7.4 and §16-1-7.6
Violation: On multiple occasions between April 11, 2016, and August 5, 2016, Mr. Burgess prepared incomplete paper documents for numerous patients, which omitted the start and stop time of his patients treatments, which times were specifically required by his employer, and necessary to support proper billing for services rendered. On multiple occasions between April 11, 2016 and August 15, 2016, without proper authorization, Mr. Burgess altered and falsified billing records for numerous patients, by copying original records which were properly signed by patients or their authorized caregivers, to create a new billing document for a date of service where neither the patient nor their authorized caregiver actually signed the billing document at issue. Mr. Burgess failed to maintain accurate billing records and that a licensee is precluded from altering patient/client records or billing records without authorization. Due to these violations Mr. Burgess failed to adhere to the standards of ethical practice by practicing in a manner that is moral and honorable.
Penalty: Mr. Burgess' license is revoked. Mr. Burgess may seek reinstatement of his license after a one (1) years revocation period and after he reimburses the Board for administrative costs in the amount of $2500.00, as well as completing Board approved continuing education in the area of skills, recordkeeping, and professional ethics, while obtaining applicable continuing education requirements needed to renew or reinstate a license.
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