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Disciplinary Action Detail

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Disciplinary Date: 03/03/03
PT/PTA Name: Ferdinand P. Sorongon
Violated Law: WV Code Section 30-2-3 and 16 CSR 9
Violation: PT The Respondent violated the provisions of WV Code §30-2-3 and §16 C.S.R. 9 in that he allowed an unlicensed individual to work as an Occupational Therapist.
Penalty: Mr. Sorongon's license was suspended for a period of 12 months; that period of suspension ended on March 3, 2004. For an additional period of 18 months from the date of said reinstatement, until September 3, 2005, Respondent shall practice physical therapy under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist. He was also assessed administrative and procedural fees for the cost of investigating and conducting the hearing.

Mr. Sorongon did complete his probationery period of time at which time his license privileges were fully reinstated. He also paid the required remuneration to the Board. He is currently a PT in good standing in the State of WV.
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