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Disciplinary Date: 10/20/14
PT/PTA Name: Charles Smith
Violated Law: WV Code 30-20-1 et seq & 16 C.S.R. 1 et seq.
Violation: Falsifying physical therapy treatment notes and signatures.
Penalty: License is suspended for 6 months; pay to the board cost of proceedings; including and not limited to, the administrative costs and legal fees within 6 months of the Order; and attend and complete in person a 12 hour remedial course in Ethics which has been preapproved by the Board. Effective upon reinstatement, shall be placed on probation for a period of 6 months. During the 6 month probation, shall be restricted to practice physical therapy with 100% onsite supervision of a physical therapist. In order for the probation to be completed, must be working in the field of physical therapy as a physical therapy assistant with the restricted scope of practice as noted above. The disciplinary action will be noted in board newsletter, WVBOPT website, and HIPDB.
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