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Welcome to the West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy

The WV Board of Physical Therapy (WVBOPT) is a state regulatory board that was created by the WV Legislature to regulate the practice of physical therapy in order to protect the public from the unauthorized, unqualified and unregulated practice of physical therapy. We also provide definitions, registration, and title protection of Athletic Trainers. The WVBOPT is a part of the Executive Branch of the Government which enforces laws.

License fees paid into the board affords regulated PT's, PTA's, and AT's the privilege of practicing their profession within the borders of the State of WV.

Contact information for the board Office appears at the bottom of this page or via the link in the right-hand column.

Current Info

AT Registration Renewal - April 1 - June 30,2014
If your AT registration expires June 30, 2014, click here for renewal instructions and application.
PROPOSED RULE CHANGES 16-4-1. PT/PTA Fees Public comment period April 1—May 1, 2014
Next Board Meeting Notice and Agendas
Click here to view Meeting Notices and Agendas
The WV Board of Physical Therapy is currently seeking licensed WV PT licensees that are interested in learning more about becoming a PT Board investigator.
Dry Needling Board Opinion 07/18/12
Click here to view the board's opinion regarding dry needling.
Continuing Education Opportunities

Differential Diagnosis of Orthopedic Conditions: Which Tests are Best? - Apr. 26, 2014
New Indications & Customization Options for Carbon Fiber AFOs & KAFOs - Apr. 26, 2014
Customization of Dynamic Carbon Fiber AFOs & KAFOs (Time to Think Outside the Box) - Apr. 27, 2014
An Introduction to LE Gait Biomechanics - Apr. 27, 2014
3 Day Intensive on Treating the Child with Hypotonia - May. 2, 2014
Blueprint for OASIS Accuracy- Transition to OASIS C1 - May. 7, 2014
The Mulligan Concept; "Mobilizations with Movement"- Lower Quadrant - May. 17, 2014
A Comprehensive Guide to HIPAA Compliance - May. 20, 2014
Rehab Summit: The Apex of Discovery 2014 - Jul. 23, 2014

AT Registration Renewal - April 1 - June 30,2014                             16-4-1. PT/PTA FEES-PROPOSED RULE CHANGE                             Next Board Meeting Notice and Agendas                             

WVBOPT is a separate entity from the West Virginia Physical Therapy Association (WVPTA) and the WV Athletic Trainers Association (WVATA). The role and mission of the WVBOPT is to regulate the profession and to protect the public.

The WVPTA and WVATA are organizations that represent the Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, and Athletic Trainers in the state.

Association dues paid into the WV Chapters are separate and distinct from license fees that are paid to the WV Board of Physical Therapy. Association dues will afford PT's,PTA's, and AT's in the state an opportunity to network and stay abreast of any legislation that may be proposed that could impact the profession.

See contact information for the WV PT Association and the AT Association under "LINKS"
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